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 Mobil Dekkservice offers car tires services.

This is exceptional comfort because you do

not have to waste your time waiting in lines

to replace or repair your car tires.

Mobil Dekkservice will come to the place
indicated by you on a specified time



- Seasonal wheels replacement
- Changing tires
- Repair Tires
- Balance
- To order new tires and mounting

- If you bought new tires from the Internet

contact Mobil Dekkservice and have a good
price for mounting it.



 Mon - fri  8:00 - 21:00. Sat - sun  8:00 - 21:00.



Are you tired of waiting in line at the season time?
Are you tired of riding to many places to find out where they have time for you or not?
Would you like instead spend this time with your family or with something else you like?

...In just two steps you can order time to Mobil Dekkservice and have a good time...

Mobil Dekkservice have the knowledge, experience and would like to share it!
Mobil Dekkservice a fully equip vehicle is a complete offer to the tire services: changing, balancing and repair of tires.
Mobil Dekkservice also selling tires to order. Everything is at your fingertips! Just specify the time and place where to do the service to your car.
Mobil Dekkservice will do the rest.